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Chrome extension:  Checklistz - Quick todo

Chrome extension: Checklistz - Quick todo

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·Jan 3, 2021·

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Download link: Chrome web store

Checklistz is a simple, free and ad-free chrome extension tool where you can manage your daily quick tasks and focus on completing today's work.

You don't require any registration/login to use this app. Install in your chrome/edge browser and start using the app.

This app uses chrome storage sync feature to store your data. If you are logged in to other system in chrome browser with the same account - your Checklistz data will be synched.

This tool can be used to:

  1. Create checklist or task that you want to accomplish today.
  2. Mark the task as checked or done by clicking on list item.
  3. You can delete the task item.


I have tried multiple notes taking app including notion, evernote, microsoft onenotes etc and they all are great but I am fan of writing small notes on piece of papers which I need to complete today.

These notes are not required to be organised - these notes are just like reminder for me to finish it off by end of the day.

So I need something on my computer which can be very simple to use without any rich interfaces. I tried sticky notes but did not work for me.

I tried few other already built chrome extensions but problem was that those extensions need permissions to update page which I visit which looks very scary if you think. This also means, bad chrome extension can include hidden text in your email, or it can read the all data of the pages which you visit in chrome. I didn't like that, infact no one will like that. Why those extensions need my webpages permissions ?

So I thought to build a simple checklist - quick todo chrome extension that do not require any permission.

And hence ended up building my first chrome extension Checklistz. Thought it can be used by others too, sharing it via Chrome web store. Feel free to provide feedback or suggestions to improve the extension.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or questions, please reach out to me at:

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